The American Association of Continuing Medical Education® (AACME) was founded to uphold the highest standards in medical education, practice, and research.

Our accreditation system plays a major role in balancing dual compliance with the medical authorities’ regulatory requirements and the AACME® Accreditation Standards and CME Policy Criteria, ensuring that the quality of contents of continuing medical education programs and activities meet or exceed both the national and international standards.

Often, medical regulatory bodies find it hard to monitor the changes in the ever changing continuing medical education and adult education, which have an effect on the health care delivery system.

Through a deeming language instigating health care organizations to become accredited under the AACME®’s Accreditation Policies and Standards, medical authorities ensure that health care organizations and professionals maintain their compliance with both the national and international standards, through the AACME® validation of health care organizations’ competency monitoring, without the burden on the medical authority of ensuring that the health care organization, physicians and other health care professionals meet these standards.