Do you have a complaint about a quality of continuing medical education activity at an AACME® accredited provider’s organization? The AACME® wants to hear from you as a health care professional. Send us your complaint by fax or e-mail. Summarize the issues in one to two pages and include the name, street address, city, state and country of the health care organization (Accredited Provider).

The following is a Quality Incident Report Form needed to start an investigation/dispute regarding an AACME® accredited provider, suggested to be NOT in compliance with the AACME® Accreditation Policies & Standards. In addition to this form, as a complainant, you are required to read the information on How to File a Complaint against an Accredited Provider, which provides you with the appropriate procedure for filing a complaint regarding an AACME® Accredited Provider, prior to completing this Form. You may download a copy of the How to File a Complaint against Accredited Provider information by clicking on INFORMATION