AACME® accreditation improves the health of the people as it improves patient care, patient treatment outcomes, and further gives the community the confidence on these accredited educational activities that carry the AACME® Gold-Seal of Accreditation™.

More benefits of AACME® accreditation include:

It represents quality

Successful medical organizations look for ways to communicate their commitment to excellence. In the scientific community, AACME® accreditation shows that an institution is serious about setting, achieving and maintaining high standards for educating their physicians and other health care professionals. Around the world, AACME® accreditation is recognized as a symbol of Quality in the delivery of medical education.

It’s a recruiting tool

AACME® accredited organizations use their accreditation as a recruiting tool to attract the best and brightest health care professionals, speakers and professors. Talented professionals look for high-quality programs, and accreditation assures potential faculty that the institution is dedicated to achieving the highest standards for medical education.

It attracts international participants and speakers

AACME® accredited organizations can easily attract health care learned participants to attend their conferences, since their programs are internationally accredited. The CME accredited units offered in medical activities are what most physicians and other health care professionals look for, since many medical institutions nowadays have a handful of faculty members, and accredited medical conferences are particularly important for those specialists to meet their annual licensing requirements.

It demonstrates accountability

Today, medical organizations in most countries are held to very high levels of accountability–by their own constituents and the general public.

Accreditation through AACME® demonstrates the willingness of the organization to go above and beyond the minimums required by medical authority. It tells the public that the institution is committed to the highest level for educating their physicians and health care professionals to meet the latest global standards in medical technology that benefit their community.

It impresses funding sources and research partners

Many private organizations strongly recommend that grantees for continuing medical education be part of an AACME® accredited program. Most Government agencies worldwide see AACME® accreditation as a commitment to program excellence. Both private and public funding sources view accreditation as an assurance that CME programs meet the AACME® policies & Standards.