The primary responsibilities of the AACME® are to:

  • Set, review, publicize and administer standards and policy criteria for CME organizations for physicians and other health care professionals.

  • Validate the competency of the accredited organizations of performing within the AACME® Accreditation Standards & Policies.

  • Examine the adequacy of the CME standards nationally/internationally amongst AACME® certified continuing medical education institutions.

  • Assist accredited organizations through an ongoing support to monitor, manage, and improve the quality of the contents and delivery methods of their CME programs.

  • Suggest, advocate, and conduct, on a regular basis, methods to improve the CME learning methods and delivery.

  • Promote multi-lateral learning methods to better encourage and enhance physicians and other health care professionals’ learning experience.

  • Ensure physicians, other health care professionals, the public, and the CME community, that CME programs, in which these organizations were accredited for, meet or exceed the AACME®’s criteria for compliance with the Accreditation Standards & Policies.

  • Conduct ongoing improvement of accreditation standards and policies in order to:

    • Study through physicians’ surveys and other statistics, new methods to improve CME contents, approaches, and other critical related learning methods;

    • Develop new methods of measuring CME outcomes more effectively;

    • Examine the effectiveness of updated CME methods;

    • Remain current with changes in the latest medical diagnosis and procedures, and changes in the medical education oversight and delivery.