The mission of the AACME® Government Relations is to:

  • Expand the growth of the AACME®’s accreditation services by soliciting potential new organizations, facilitating program growth through increased governmental agencies recognition and reliance, and building greater appreciation for the AACME® accreditation services among purchasers, employers, and benefit consultants.

  • Cultivate and enhance communications and collaborative relationships with regulatory bodies (and/or the acting medical authorities), hospital associations, faculties of medicine, pharmaceutical companies, medical communication companies, specialty medical societies, international medical syndicates, and other healthcare associations, in pursuit of increased recognition of the value of the AACME®

  • Pursue and culminate cooperative accreditation initiatives with other accreditation organizations and explore collaborative opportunities with regulatory agencies to reduce the level of redundant survey and inspection activity.

  • Monitor the quality of accredited organizations through the prioritization and investigation of complaints received from various sources, and out of compliance notifications from participants at AACME® accredited activities.