The AACME® is an international accreditation body for continuing medical education and professional development that serves as an advocate for the highest quality in adult education for physicians and other healthcare professionals. This is accomplished through the development of standards and through its survey and international accreditation programs.

Being the original international accreditation organization to focus exclusively on medical education and professional development as being the spine for optimum public health, the founders of AACME® were both visionary and pioneering.

The AACME® simultaneously recognized and embraced medical education and challenged this newly emerging modality to meet rigorous standards for self-improvement and credibility.

The AACME® Accreditation Handbook is revised on an annual basis. The revisions of our internationally recognized standards reflect the experience, knowledge, and wisdom gained over the years by the AACME® and its providers, and educational partners.

AACME® Accreditation Standards and Policies are under constant surveillance by our committees to ensure their continued relevance. They are revised when necessary to maintain value and to reflect the rapid changes in Continuing Medical Education for physicians (CME), and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for other health care professionals, all while remaining grounded in our fundamental commitment to the highest quality health care.